Don Lytton
Photographic Art
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My interest in photography began quite by accident. When on vacation in St. Maarteen, I borrowed my wife's camera to take a few photographs. I thought that one of them was quite good (Years later I realized how mediocre it was). When we arrived home I purchased a camera and began to photograph the Chicago area and enrolled in classes on camera technique and, most importantly, on the principles of good composition. I discovered an ability I didn't realize I had and photography evolved into a passionate and all-consuming hobby.

My favorite photographic subjects are scenery and old, weathered buildings. I attempt to isolate the subject and eliminate anything extraneous that does not add to the image. Since a photograph depends on the relationship of the subject to light, I often scout out an area in order to determine the proper time of day to photograph that particular subject. When I see an image that gives me an adrenaline surge, I know that I'll be able to produce a good photograph. I hope my photographs convey to you the same excitement they inspire in me.